Michael Sebastian improvises dance music. 


His music has the structure of electronic; the freedom of jazz, and the depth of world music.


A South African in London, Sebastian has built a career through busking;  

developing his ability to capture the public with music. 


In 2018 Sebastian busked his way back from Berlin promoting his album Kayanda.


After a few years of intensive touring and collaborating with musicians and dancers,

Sebastian created Afiye - A record to move & listen.

The album is inspired by a tour of Africa, from Cape Town, to Ethiopia to Mali,

where he studied and performed with prominent local musicians,

even performing for the father of Ethio-jazz, Mulatu Astatke. 

'If Four Tet was to make an Afrobeat album using London jazz musicians

this is what it would sound like.'

2022 will see the likes of the next record 'Kadako.'

Sebastian's music is an expression of musical interactions

and insights from around the world.

His mission is to cultivate connection

and share freedom through music and performance.

The journey is just beginning.





ARTIST | Michael Sebastian |


VISION PARTNER | Brandon Myers |