Michael Sebastian creates ambient, vibey music using guitar and beatboxing.

Improvising and building loops on the fly, he can adapt to the mood of any space.

No matter what your event, Sebastian will provide a musical experience that is authentic and 'in the moment'.

He takes influence from all genres of music and subtly fuses them to create a sound that a varied audience can relate to.

In addition to that his impeccable timing and feel means that the music is always moving, oozing energy.

The adaptability of this music has seen Michael perform this music in a variety of different scenarios.
He has recently played for a private view at the Victoria and Albert Museum,

a restaurant launch at Somerset House, and a festival at Central Saint Martins. 


From more traditional events, he has also fused his music into less obvious situations: 
Playing on a ship sailing the Thames; providing ambience at local markets;

soundtracking a yoga and meditation class, a whisky tasting, or even a live art installation.

So whatever your event,

if you feel like adding something that will nudge it up another level,

don't hesitate to get in touch.


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